What is a complete set of plastic injection molds?

Currently, when ordering mold processing, the majority of customers often pay much attention to the price without paying much attention to the structure of the complete plastic injection mold. This is really an alarming problem because it has a heavy impact on the production process later.

Currently, on the market, there are many businesses who do not hesitate to process cheap molds to win customers’ hearts. Then, they will use all means to reduce the cost of the mold with unqualified machining methods and components. When the finished plastic injection mold is handed over, the customer often evaluates the mold through the molded product, not paying much attention to mold defects. Because of this, after receiving the mold for a while, the enterprise will encounter errors, even though the product is pressed to meet the requirements.

Note when ordering molds and completing plastic injection mold

Today’s article, the consultant of Hanoi Mold Company will help you grasp some notes when placing and testing molds to prevent unnecessary risks.

1. Mold structure

Currently, some customers who order molds are not very knowledgeable about plastic injection molds. In this field, usually only people in the industry are knowledgeable about the construction of a complete injection mold. Understand that a plastic injection mold is a product of specific standards.

So how to reduce the mold making cost down?
Plastic injection mold texture

Mold construction is standardized and used around the globe, but each machining facility can be refined to optimize for different products. Each set of molds is essentially a mold plate, a cooling water system or a mold heating system, a product company, a positioning system, a guide, a battery return spring …

2. Steel plastic complete plastic injection mold

Customers often pay attention to product cost, so they accidentally forget to pay attention to mold material. You may not know, but Mold steel will greatly affect the price of the mold. You can easily find cheap mold makers that often do not explicitly state or address this issue. The finished plastic injection molds, when made of non-standard steel, will reduce costs but also mean that the quality of the mold will drop rapidly after each injection.

It is often difficult for an unskilled person to distinguish what kind of mold steel is so testing of molds will also be difficult. To avoid this case, the enterprise needs to specify in the contract on the material of the mold steel. You can ask the mold maker for additional documentation of the material’s origin; or ask a material specialist when testing the mold.

3. Fineness

Finishing out the mold

The mold is a mechanical part and very few people care about its beauty or ugliness, but only care about its performance. However, if a qualified and skilled machining unit will create beautiful structural molds from the outside.

Finishing out the mold
Finishing out the plastic injection mold

A mold is an object assembled from many different plates and components. A complete set of plastic injection molds, when assembling molds and components, there will be coherence and mobility with each other. From the outside you can see whether the mold plates are machined square; the face is flat or rough; Are the mold plates much different when assembled and components working well ???

A simple set of molds usually doesn’t come with many accessories. However, these accessories must have the following: Hook cranes; Snails catch water way; Mold locating ring; Mold locking clamp … And if it is a hot runner mold, it must be accompanied by a temperature controller and electric wire.

Finishing inside the mold

A complete set of plastic injection molds should be considered with respect to the surface gloss of the mold cavity. In order to achieve the gloss on extruded plastic products, the inner surface of the mold is also required to be glossy. If viewed with the naked eye, the surface of the mold core must be smooth and no traces of running knives.

Surface roughness is a factor that needs attention. Surface roughness will avoid slippery or fingerprints. Processors need to have a method of treating the surface of the mold to create a roughness corresponding to product requirements.

Logo, braille, watermark: Many corporate products will require logos, letters and numbers to be attached to their products to create a brand name and limit creative violations. For this product line, those contents need to be clearly and sophisticatedly displayed. Each manufacturing facility will choose one way to process logos, letters and numbers differently. They can use CNC machine engraving, laser engraving, electric firing … With the possession of many specialized and modern machines, will meet even the highest requirements of customers.

4. Flexible – safe operation

Beauty is not enough, but what businesses need more than that is durability and safety. When the plastic injection mold is completed and going to the acceptance test, you need to check directly on the injection molding machine to see how the mold works, is it safe or not. The system must perform smoothly, efficiently and gently return to the correct position. The water line system must also meet the standard so that it can keep the right mold temperature while the water doesn’t leak out.

The positions are arranged with pin guide, position to fit together to create a seamless when closing the mold and opening the mold. During the opening and closing process, the mold must not make too loud noise …


Above are some issues you need to pay special attention to when ordering complete plastic injection molds. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.



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