Important notes when first ordering mold machining

Every day, Hanoi Mould Company receives many requests to make plastic injection molds from new customers as well as old partners. For customers who have worked with us for many years, it is quite simple to resolve requests because they understand the processes and the quality of the products we deliver. However, new customers, especially those who order molds for the first time, we need to consult more carefully so that customers can grasp full information before deciding to order. In this article, we will share some important notes that first time set the machining of a mold to know.

Mold quality

Quality is the factor that directly affects the price of plastic injection molds. Depending on the quality that customers choose, the price will be high or low. To be clear, if a mold is cheap, the quality of the mold certainly cannot be the best. However, if a customer needs to process a plastic injection mold to produce a product that does not require too high aesthetics, precision or is used to produce small quantities, it is not necessary to invest in a good mold. In this case, focusing on mold quality will push the mold price up while the product is sold in small quantity and low price will cause damage to the customer.\

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Mold quality of plastic injection molds

On the other hand, for products with high requirements on aesthetics, precision, and production in large quantities, a quality mold is required. Quality includes factors such as:

  • Precision mold machining
  • Mold steel is fine steel with high hardness
  • Mold structure must be complete to ensure continuous production without error …

Product quality

Normally, when the customer orders the processing of plastic injection molds, there are 3 main cases: follow exactly an existing model, follow the existing model but with modification – further improve and make a completely new product. . All 3 cases have their own notes.

Set of machining molds for available products

This is relatively easy for mold builders. The customer will give the sample and the mold processing company only needs to make the mold to press the quality product according to the sample. The evaluation for the liquidation of the handover contract will also be simpler for both the ordering party and the mold processing establishment.

Set of available mold machining further improvement

Customers who want to improve the product best should have drawings as well as text describing the improvements so that the machining side has a foundation for mold design and machining. In case the customer does not fully understand the properties of the plastic injection mold but gives an optimal request for making plastic molds, the mold processing establishment will need careful consultation. Need to show the customer the problems that could arise if the improvement is followed. Coming to Hanoi Mold Company, all customers will be consulted fully and in the most detail so that you can understand the characteristics of plastic injection molds.

In addition, we also support product redesign to optimize the product, mold structure as well as the most reasonable mold processing cost.

Outsourcing for a new product

A new product is one that has never been on the market. These product lines often arise from customer ideas. Usually customers will order based on 2D drawings, 3D or sketch ideas by hand drawing. If you are new to molds, you need to pay special attention to important precautions when you first order molds.

This is the most difficult requirement for mold machining facilities as it requires extensive experience and knowledge of molds, materials, and many other factors. The feature of plastic injection products is that the shrinkage of the plastic will change the size and shape of the product after being pressed. Therefore, when making plastic injection molds, there will be higher risks.

To handle these errors, we will use professional simulation tools to anticipate possible faults and offer design and machining options to limit errors.

Plastic raw materials

It is necessary to understand which materials will be suitable for the intended use of the product. We can use virgin plastic and recycled plastic. The primary plastic makes the mold easier and gives better product quality. Recycled plastic has many types, so customers need to consider carefully when using these plastics.

Mass production quantity

Mass production quantity
Mass production quantity

Plastic injection mold is an iron and steel structure consisting of components that interact during operation, so damage over time and working intensity is inevitable. Steel quality and finish of the mold are the two factors that determine the durability of the mold.

To ensure optimal mold costs, to avoid wasting customers’ money while ensuring to fully meet customer needs, customers need to estimate the total output to be produced and monthly output for them. I advise choosing the most suitable steel for the mold.

Delivery time

Customers often want to know the exact delivery time in order to schedule production. Usually a set of molds takes from 2 weeks to 2 months to complete depending on the complexity of the product.

According to statistics, even Japanese companies may be delayed in delivery. This is a characteristic of the mold processing industry that is always different from other fields. In the mold industry, many unpredictable problems arise as the main cause of delivery delays. To solve this problem, we will anticipate the possible risks and come up with a production plan with time to fix the problem if any. As a result, we always deliver on time or sooner if mold does not arise.

Repair plastic injection molds

All mold lines processed in our company receive reasonable cost after warranty repairs. The Hanoi Mould Company does not accept to repair molds that are not produced by our company unless the customer orders our plastic injection.

Maintenance – maintenance of plastic injection molds

professional services - Hanoi Mould
Professional services – Hanoi Mould

In the plastic injection production process, the mold needs to be maintained – properly maintained to ensure smooth operation, less error in the production process. We will guide in detail the necessary jobs for maintenance – maintenance before handing over molds to customers.

Finding the right mold and ordering facility is very important. New customers who place molds for the first time will often find the cheapest base to make, not find the most reputable – quality mold processing. However, this is really not a smart choice. The cost of a set of molds is well worth considering, however, plastic injection molds are an asset and will be profitable for you in the long run. If you try to find cheap mold outsourcing facilities and accept poor quality, it may not make a profit in time and you have to spend money to repair and make new molds.

Therefore, before deciding to place a mold, you should contact the manufacturer directly for full advice on the problems we mentioned above to see how much they meet. If possible, you should directly visit the factory to see firsthand the products that they have made from there to make a decision. Good luck.

If you are still wondering in the selection, please contact Hanoi Mould for a detailed consultation!



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