Cheap but quality plastic injection molds – why not?

When making cheap plastic injection molds, many people think that it is of poor quality. When buying a cheap product or renting a cheap service, people often think of their quality as not guaranteed. However, when making cheap plastic injection molds, if the designer and the builder know how to improve and optimize the unnecessary costs, we can completely make cheap plastic injection molds but still ensure requirements that customers want.

Factors affecting plastic mold making price

cheap plastic injection molds
cheap plastic injection molds

One factor that customers often care about is the cost to make a plastic mold. The factors that determine the price of a plastic injection mold product can be mentioned as:


This is probably the most important factor driving the high price of mold making. A quality plastic product requires an accuracy of 0.01mm – 0.1mm.These products will cost much more than products with an accuracy of 1mm or more. A product with small precision requires more precise mold components. If the mold component wants to be precise, it requires a higher precision of machining. The more accurate the machine, the higher the value of the machine purchase… all of these factors will push the mold cost up.

Product shape:

The simpler a product has a shape, the easier it will be to make a smaller, lower price tag. In contrast, products with great complexity such as undercut, threaded products, products that need slides, products need high gloss …, the mold structure will be complicated, it takes a lot of time to design molds, process molds. and tested many times. This process requires some relatively small costs so the cost of the product will increase.

Volume of product:

The larger the product, the larger the mold. For larger molds, the mold material will increase, then the mold cost will increase accordingly.

The above are three main factors that determine the price of the mold. However, if making molds in Hanoi Mould, customers will feel secure because they do not have to spend a large amount of money to make molds.

So how to reduce the mold making cost down?

In order to reduce mold making costs, it is necessary to improve the factors that affect the price of the mold. As an experienced mold making unit, when receiving requests from customers of Hanoi Mould, always:

– Directly evaluate bases on the technical requirements of the product and give the most suitable accuracy and size in order to lower the mold making cost to the lowest level.

– If the product shape is too complex, we will advise customers to improve and simplify the product while still ensuring the features and technical requirements.

– Product weight not only affects the price of the mold, but it also affects the product cost. There have been many customers who want to make products with too thick but not necessary walls. The thick mold is not necessarily good. When the wall thickness is not uniform, it will cause difficulties in the injection molding process, causing them to be deformed, concave, much shrink … Because of these, we always calculate to help customers have a reasonable product. Best. Make the wall as thin as possible to ensure the best product price for the customer while lowering the cost of the mold.

So how to reduce the mold making cost down?
So how to reduce the mold making cost down?

– There are also some other factors such as the number of cores in a mold, 2-plate mold or core exchange mold, mold material … Upon receiving the request of the customer, Hanoi Mould will work with the customer to reduce the cost. to the lowest level but still ensure the quality.


Making cheap plastic injection molds is not difficult, but the mold maker needs to put their mind on the product. Do not use cheap materials to lower the price of the mold because if it is made of poor quality materials, the mold will quickly deteriorate, difficult to maintain and repair when requested by the customer. Customers wishing to make cheap and quality plastic injection molds please contact Hanoi Mould Company for direct support and advice.



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