Some issues to note when maintenance of the plastic injection mold

The plastic injection mold in particular and the mold in general are a component assembled from many components together. Mold strength depends on many factors such as the quality of the mold steel, the precision of the mold components and the service life of the mold. When the plastic injection mold works continuously with higher intensity, the possibility of error over time is inevitable. So the maintenance of the plastic injection mold is an extremely important job for every business.

What is maintenance of the plastic injection mold ?

Cleaning and repairing are important and necessary knowledge for the business to maintain tools including the maintenance of the plastic injection mold. In order for the mold to work best, maintenance is necessary and often over time.

The condition of the injection mold affects the quality of plastic finished products. Molds are an important asset to creating products. Only if they do not have defects or any part damage can the best product after being pressed. Despite playing an important role, many manufacturers have unintentionally neglected their maintenance.

What is plastic injection mold maintenance?
What is plastic injection mold maintenance?

 Maintenance of the plastic injection mold is like any maintenance routine that requires certain checks and procedures that need to be performed on a regular basis. For example, the positioning positions and injection ports on the mold should be checked regularly.

Mold should also obtain proper maintenance assessment before storing:

– Separate all parts of the mold and clean

The spray system must be cleaned and lubricated

– Replace and or repair parts including pins and nozzles, worn bushes or pins

– Check the surface of the mold, use the mold trimming powder around the mold surface, when the adhesion is even around the mold surface, it is good to avoid the mold to be burrowed.

Once storage strategies are completed, molds can be returned and produced quickly and easily.

Common mistakes in plastic injection processing

In the production process, after a long period of mass injection molding, some problems that the company often encounter are:

– The product is deflated with the battery position pushing the product

– Oiled products

– Defective products cannot be filled

– The product is deformed, broken …

– Break the mold component

– Components are worn out, deformed

When businesses encounter one of the above signs, their plastic injection molds are having problems and need to be checked to detect errors to fix and repair.

Items that need maintenance inspection

The maintenance of plastic injection mold will help businesses to reproduce promptly, ensuring the delivery schedule for customers. Some items to keep in mind when maintaining a mold include:

– Check and replace the battery push if the position bavia pushes the battery.

– Clean the mold core clean to avoid oil stains

– Check the gas and gas drains to see if they are blocked or not.

– Check the guide pins, guide bushes for wear

– Check for special glue cutting positions if the product is leaking three socks.

– Check the component abrasion, especially the gate position, the position of the mold face.

– Check if the thrust of the spring system is still satisfactory

– Check the deflection of the movable mold plate

– Check the tightening force of the bolt.

– Ventilate the rusted cooling water lines

If it is a hot runner mold or a heater mold, do you need to check whether the wiring is safe? …


To prevent the above errors, businesses need to schedule regular plastic injection mold maintenance. This is of great importance, especially for long-running continuous molds. For plastic injection molds that are remanufactured after many days of storage, the enterprise should remove the molds to check the above items to ensure that the mold has no errors before mounting on the press.

Hope this article can help you pay more attention in maintenance of the plastic injection mold and maintenance.



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