Plastic mold manufacturing process of Hanoi Mould Company

Plastic injection molds are a popular tool in production today. To be able to create a set of plastic molds that ensure quality, stability and longevity, the mold making process must ensure a very rigorous process. In this article, Hanoi Mould will share with you the plastic mold manufacturing process to help readers grasp the basics of the process of making a mold.

Step 1: Research the product / drawing

After receiving the order, Hanoi Mould Company will conduct research on the product / drawings received. To be able to make the mold, we first need to have all the relevant information. This information will be provided by the client side. We will perform technical consultation to help customers get the most perfect product. According to the plastic mold manufacturing process, we need to know the input information, including:

  • Product material
  • Volume of product
  • Choose a mold, 2-plate mold or 3-plate mold
  • Number of cavities
  • Cold runner or hot runner
  • Spray gate type: Point gate, underground gate, side gate …
  • Mold material
  • Material of mold shell
  • Pressed output
  • Some other information

Step 2. Mold design

After researching the product / drawing and grasping the necessary information of the product, the design engineers of Hanoi Mould will plan and design the mold. This is a very important process in the plastic mold manufacturing process. This stage will decide the optimization of the product. It will help to easily guide the direction of the mold manufacturing process, ensuring accuracy.

The plastic mold manufacturing process – Mould design

Hanoi Mould Company owns a team of good and professional designers. After adding the Layout and description of the plan, the design department will design and create CAD / CAM machining data. With the strict plastic mold manufacturing process, our design engineers always proceed carefully and in detail all the stages such as: Separation of molds and components; Mold core treatment; Create assembly drawings; Create detailed drawings; Designing and manufacturing EDM electrode drawings; Check drawing; Release drawing.

Once the 3D drawings are in place, the design team will work together with other departments to make a comprehensive assessment of the design. It is necessary to study whether the drawing is guaranteed to meet the customer’s requirements; Is it feasible with the system of machines available at the factory, … to make the most suitable and optimal adjustments.

Step 3. Fabricate the mold

In the plastic mold manufacturing process, this step requires the use of high precision machinery to perform:

Machining of surfaces, details, mold bed … on precision machining machines such as milling machines, grinding machines, lathes, drilling….

Polishing after machining: Polishing, smoothing machining marks. Check and handle via, blunt or bevel the permissible positions, clean. The surface quality of plastic products will depend entirely on the gloss of the mold cavity, so this process is always done meticulously and accurately. Polishing stage we always follow 2 stages including preliminary polishing before assembly and thorough polishing after assembly.

Step 4: Assemble and Test

This is the last step to perfecting the plastic mold manufacturing process. After all the parts and parts of the mold are completed, they will be assembled. Before assembling, we will check the details according to the quantity and specifications to ensure all are accurate.

Assembly work requires very high precision so that when put into operation the mold will produce effective products. Mold plates, cores, bases, shells will be assembled into a complete set of molds.

Step 5. Test the mold

Plastic mold production process – test the mold

In order to ensure the mold works well and meet the customer’s initial requirements, the mold will be commissioned after complete assembly. Plastic mold production process will be completed if the product of the test press meets the requirements. All mistakes will be corrected before being delivered to customers

Step 6. Delivery of plastic injection molds to customers

Hanoi Mould has a professional plastic mold production process. We are committed to plastic injection molding products to ensure the quality as required and deliver on time on the contractual time.


Above is the plastic mold manufacturing process, plastic injection molds at Hanoi Mould Company. Hope this information will be useful to you. If your business needs to produce quality plastic injection molds that are durable to use and affordable, please contact Hanoi Mould for the fastest consultation and quotation!



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