Hanoi Mould – Fast and Precise

Hanoi Mould is one of the leading mould makers in Vietnam. Through 15 years of development, Hanoi Mould relentlessly strived to supply time and cost-effective solutions to my customers.

Under the pressure of high competition, businesses should manufacture products with high quality, diversity of types of products while the cost is minimised. In the mould industry, technology and level of human resource are two large barriers.

Hanoi Mould – Fast and precise

Hanoi Mould understands and appreciates the expectations of customers. To get satisfaction from customers, we strive to supply products quickly and on time. 

Hanoi Mould - Cooperation
Hanoi Mould – Cooperation

We give prominence to the “speed” word in our business culture. “Speed” in interacting with customers and “speed” in the manufacturing process. Our business principle is providing to customers timely and effective service. Our departments often work until midnight in order to meet the issue of time difference. All emails must be responded to within 1 hour. The production schedule must be done earlier and trying to complete on time or before the deadline. 

Striving to provide mould with high precise

About mould products, besides “speed” factor, “precise” is key parts to play in measuring the quality. We also put this factor at the forefront to orient our production and product development. Up to now, Hanoi Mold’s products have conquered many difficult markets such as Europe, America, and Japan.

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