Current status mould industry in Vietnam

Under the pressure of high competition, businesses should manufacture products with high quality, diversity of types of products while the cost is minimised. With the important role play in many manufacturing fields, the mould industry is applied to modern technology, to meet competitive demand.

Two large barriers in the mould industry in Vietnam

mould industry in Vietnam
Hanoi Mould Tech


Following the experts, and enterprises in the mould industry said, current status of technology, equipment in Vietnam compare with the global market is 60-70%, and approximately some of the countries in the region such as Philippines, Indonesia…

Design technology in Vietnam base on computer tools and software integration absolutely. The level design technology in Vietnam is appreciated around 68% of the global market.

In the mould industry, the level of heat treatment technology in Vietnam is about 68.22%, the level of measurement technology is 78.75% of the global market respectively.

Lever of human resource 

Currently, mould manufacturers in Vietnam have faced a lack of labour with high levers, especially engineers who are trained in high technology (CAD/CAM, CNC). In the recruitment process, almost all companies in Vietnam have to train practical skills and basic knowledge like beginners. 

Vietnamese mould manufacturer

Nowadays, there are 383 companies, which have operated in mould manufacturing, the majority of them are small and medium companies, about 90% of that is less than 50 employments. The mould manufacturers in Vietnam are mainly located in  Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. There, more than half of them only meet the domestic demand with low requirements about technology and product quality. While others relentlessly upgrade, invest new technology, machines and equipment, and design software to shorten time cost and improve product quality. They aim to join into value chains of different industries like auto parts, electronic devices, … and become partners of multinational companies and multinational groups. 

mould industry in Vietnam
Hanoi Mould

Noticeably, Hanoi Mould is one of the leading mould makers in Vietnam about quality, precision, and timely delivery. With over 15 year manufacture, Hanoi Mould has successfully exported to EU, US, Japan with rigorous standards. Although not yet achieved large-scale production, with relentless efforts to improve product quality, invest in modern machinery and technology and submit to human resource level, Hanoi Mould became the benchmark of the mould industry in quality, cost, delivery, and service.

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