Process of design and assembly plastic injection mould

Plastic injection mould, injection molding technology

In manufacturing plastic injection mould, Injection molding technology is a technology that ejects materials molten raw materials into an existing shaping system called a mold system, then cooling to liquid materials crystallizes and produces products. It is an injection process. The shorter the process, the lower the products cost. Therefore, in the injection molding industry, it is often calculated that the cost is based on the process of one injection molding.

What is a plastic injection mould?

Mould is the center of mold technology. Mold is manufactured, based on the shape of products as required. Injection molding products are shaped by the structure and shape of the mold cavity (also known as mold core, hoe …).

Mould includes 2 parts called a core, cavity. In technical language, it is divided into 2 parts called move haft and fix haft. 

A fixed mold is fixed on the fixed plate of the injection molding machine. One port of the gating system is in contact with the injection molding machine. The fixed part of the flow channel is provided with a heating element so that the material in the fixed mold flow channel maintains a molten state through the fixed part. When the mold is closed, it is connected to the mouth of the injection molding machine. Thus the flow passage extension portion must have sufficient length. Ensure that no melt leaks out during mold opening.

Moving mold moves with the injection mold platen during mold opening. The middle part is driven by the linkage device. Let both parting surfaces open at the same time.

In addition to the 2 main parts that make up the mold, there are some complicated parts such as the hydraulic system, motor system, …

plastic injection mould
plastic injection mould

The diagram of a set of molds

Top Clamp Plate: it is for clamping between mold and molding machine.

Fix mold base: with the main function is to connect with the cavity

Move mold base: with the main function is to connect with core

Support plate: The main function is to create free space for the ejector plate and move ejection píns.

Upper ejector plate

Cavity: creating the shape of products

Core: creating the shape of products

Locating ring: connected cavity with the injection moulding machine

Sprue Bushing: lead plastic from an injection nozzle to the plastic channel

Guide pin: Locate Cavity and core when opening and closing

Return pin & spring: Keep the ejector system back after pull part out of the core

Support pillar

Ejector pin: Eject part  our of the core

Assemble an injection mold process

Step 1: Take the mold plate into the model

Step 2: Install Sprue Bushing to the top die plate.

Step 3: Install Clamp Plate with a cavity plate

Step 4: Install sprue bushing in the top clamp plate and install bolts to keep two mold plates together

Step 5: install a local ring 

Step 6: Install  guide pin and guide bush

Step 7: Install the ejector system ( Ejector plate, ejector pin, return pin, spring…)

Step 8: Install the clamping plate

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