The breakthrough in technology of manufacturing plastic injection molds today

Plastic injection molds are an important support tool for manufacturers. They play an important part in making manufacturing easy, accurate and efficient. Due to the increasing demand, the technology of manufacturing plastic injection molds is also developing day by day. The issue of applying new technology to manufacturing plastic injection molds plays a prerequisite role to bring the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry to a new level.

New technology for processing and manufacturing plastic injection molds

For a long time, the answer to the question: “What is a new technology in plastic injection molding and how does it differ from traditional mold manufacturing technology?” remains an open question to many. Not everyone knows the details about this. Understanding more about new technology will help you to have a more diverse view from which to make appropriate decisions in the production and operation process.

Hanoi Mold Company always wants to be able to accompany the mold manufacturers to bring the supporting industry to a new development. Therefore, we always apply the most advanced and modern technologies to the production and manufacture of injection molds. We consider this the first step in this path.

CAD/CAM/CNC technology in manufacturing plastic injection molds

CAD/CAM/CNC are no longer unfamiliar terms in the mechanical industry. These are all newly integrated technologies that help to improve product quality as well as create outstanding productivity.

CAD application in manufacturing plastic injection molds

CAD application in manufacturing plastic injection molds
CAD application in manufacturing plastic injection molds

CAD is a design software on computers. This is a tool widely used in many fields. This software is convenient in creating product models as 2D or 3D drawings. The finished image will have high authenticity and accuracy.

All plastic molds, whether of high or low complexity, will be simplified and detailed through CAD software. This is a great tool for designers to quickly and accurately create drawings.

Apply CAM in manufacturing plastic injection molds

CAM is mechanical processing software installed on a computer. Think of CAM software as a cutting knife or slicing slicer in 3D printing. This is the final step in the design process, where you prepare the drawing for machining on a machine, be it a milling machine, a lathe or an FDM 3D printer.

CAM software has the function of receiving data analysis, calculating the parameters given from the detailed CAD and then controlling the CNC machines to operate. Using CAM technology helps automatic machines operate according to pre-installed programs. Using this software will help bring higher precision than conventional hand cutting. The technician will act as a supervisor, placing orders for the program to work, not directly participating in the cutting as before.

CNC application in manufacturing plastic injection molds

CNC is one of the machines considered by many as a means of high precision, almost absolute. CNC machine system includes: cutting machine, lathe, milling machine, laser punching… and new industrial machines. All are operated automatically through programming on CAM software.

CNC is the machine system of the leading standard in the world. Whether it is large plastic molds or small plastic molds, with the “help” of CNC machines, high precision finished products can be produced.

CNC application in manufacturing plastic injection molds
CNC application in manufacturing plastic injection molds

CAD/CAM/CNC is the most modern and advanced software and machinery. And exist as a system, a unified operating process, complete according to a strict process in making plastic injection molds.

New technologies have brought many outstanding benefits and gradually replaced old technologies.

The difference between modern and traditional plastic injection molding technology

The traditional plastic injection molding technology is currently incapable of meeting high production requirements. Therefore, the advent of technology – high technology brought a breakthrough in all fields. Similarly, in the manufacturing plastic injection molds, it is inevitable to apply modern technology – techniques, containing high gray matter for production.

The difference of new technology application in plastic injection mold manufacturing is shown in:

Specialization: the machine line works in an automated way

Mold quality: intricate parts are solved easily, with 100% accuracy.

Productivity: dozens, hundreds times more than traditional machining. This helps to reduce the cost of products while ensuring that the quality is not inferior to the quality of goods imported from abroad.

Competence of the staff: good qualifications, who manage, supervise and operate CNC machines.

Hanoi Mold Company – “A pioneer” in technology of manufacturing plastic injection molds

With long-term experience and new thinking, Hanoi Mold has become the leading partner of the world’s most developed industries such as Germany, America, Japan, …

Partners always recognize and appreciate the Company’s capacity because our mold products always meet high standards and meet the goal of bringing the mold industry in our country to develop and integrate into the world. Hanoi Mold Company has invested in modern equipment for making plastic injection molds. Our target customers are those that require high precision and rigor in fields such as automotive, electronics, sanitary equipment, medical and especially in difficult markets like Germany. , Japan,…

We work according to a rigorous, highly disciplined process:

Stage 1: Receive the complete design from the client

Stage 2: Studying and evaluating the available plastic mold designs

Stage 3: Quotation to make custom mold

Stage 4: Carry out making detailed plastic molds

Stage 5: Quality inspection and handover of molds to customers


In manufacturing plastic injection molds, making plastic molds according to requirements, the decision to choose Hanoi Mold Company is the number 1 smart choice today.



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