Criteria to have of the plastic injection mold processing unit

Today, the use of plastic molds gives manufacturers many advantages over other processing technologies. To meet the needs for mass production, it is required that the plastic injection mold processing unit has the capacity in terms of facilities as well as people. If you are wondering about choosing the plastic injection mold processing unit, you need to know the information below.

Criteria to have of the plastic injection mold processing unit

Plastic injection molding is one of the industries listed in the high-tech industry. We can say that because it requires high complexity in all stages from design stage to machining and assembly. As you know, molds play an extremely important role in production. It will affect product quality and labor productivity. Therefore, when choosing a plastic injection mold processing unit, businesses need to rely on the following criteria:

Drawing design level

mould design
The plastic injection mold processing

To be able to process plastic injection molds to ensure quality, firstly, there must be accurate design drawings. Nowadays, there are a lot of software to help the design have higher accuracy and more beautiful such as CAD / CAM / CAE … The current design software is not only conventional 2D / 3D design, but they there are also software capable of simulating the process of using templates; There is software that checks errors in the design process, … thereby helping to minimize errors in the design stage

Plastic mold manufacturing process

As we all know, to process plastic injection molds, businesses need to invest in modern machinery and equipment systems. Currently, plastic injection molding companies are equipped with a CNC machine system with a large machining speed programmed and operated by automatic, high precision. Modern CNC machines commonly used in manufacturing precision molds are CNC milling machines, wire EDM machines, grinders, …

Human Resources

In the plastic injection mold processing, people are one of the most important and essential factors besides the facilities. Employees need to have extensive knowledge of their work, materials, machines; has practical experience in machining precision mold products. To be able to meet such requirements, businesses in plastic injection mold processing must regularly train human resources in knowledge, skills and practical operations to improve production efficiency.

Hanoi Mould Company – a plastic injection mold processing unit with sufficient capacity and high precision

Since its establishment, Hanoi Mould Technology Co., Ltd has always strived to perfect its facilities and train high-quality human resources. We currently have the capacity to process precision injection molds from simple to complex.

We own a system of modern and clean factories, along with a system of modern machinery and equipment such as: milling machines; wire cutters; quality control measuring machines,

mould industry in Vietnam
The plastic injection mold processing

The company’s employees are well-trained in professional skills, have a sense of responsibility to ensure the production process is professional, avoid errors to create mold products that meet quality standards with tolerances. very small.

In addition to its capacity in precision injection molding, Hanoi Mould also accepts high quality plastic products, large quantities, and competitive prices to serve the needs of customers.

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