Why should we make plastic molds at the Hanoi mould company?

Wondering where to place custom – make plastic molds? You are struggling to choose a reputable and quality mold processing company? Then you should look to Hanoi Mould – a company specializing in the production of plastic injection molds and injection molding of high quality plastic products at extremely competitive prices.

General introduction about Hanoi Mould Company

Hanoi Mould Technology Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive solution in mold manufacturing. In addition, the company also accepts plastic injection processing for its customers. To make plastic molds according to requirements at Hanoi Mould, customers will receive plastic products with exact shapes and specifications with high productivity and the best cost savings.

Hanoi Mould is a professional plastic injection mold maker according to FUTABA, DME, HASCO standards. We can handle all stages of production of civil and industrial plastic products. From designing product models, designing plastic injection molds, processing molds, manufacturing plastic injection molds, plastic molds, all kinds of high precision molds and producing plastic injection plastic products, industrial plastic products such as car parts, motorcycle parts.

mould industry in Vietnam
Set to make plastic molds in Hanoi mold company

Over 15 years of establishment and development, the company has built a strong mold factory, a team of highly qualified mold engineering workers, modern mold processing equipment and production management process. professional mold, continuously improving and developing to reach a high technical mold level.

Hanoi Mould Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of precision molds for domestic customers, exporting to Europe and America. such as: Panasonic VN, Tecomen, Sunhouse, Goeng and Partner (EUROPE), CASCO Molding (USA).

Capacity of Hanoi Mold Company in plastic injection production

Hanoi moulds are made plastic molds by many domestic and foreign partners and customers because of the outstanding advantages of the company:

Modern facilities and equipment

Hanoi Mould Company has invested in a large and modern factory facility. The company currently owns a modern mold making machine system, plastic injection machine imported from developed countries such as Japan, Germany, America, …

When customers make plastic molds, we will design and process them on highly automated CNC machines: milling machines, wire cutting machines, electric pulse machines, grinders, quality measuring machines …

Injection moulding machine
Injection moulding machine – Modern facilities and equipment

In addition, when there is a request to process plastic products, we will press on JSW, Toshiba, … imported plastic injection systems with pressure from 50 to 450 tons for plastic injection capacity. fast and strong; handling technical plastic products, industrial plastics requiring high accuracy and complex details.

High quality human resources



High quality human resources
High quality human resources

Hanoi Mould Company not only has outstanding advantages in facilities but also is trusted by customers to make plastic molds by high quality human resources. We own a team of engineers, experienced staff, good at expertise and proficient in the profession. Our employees have a high sense of responsibility, enthusiasm in their work to always create quality molds.

Products made with high quality

With the goal “Customer satisfaction is our great driving force”, Hanoi Mould Company always strives in production activities to bring high quality plastic products. We have completed the orders to make plastic molds in all stages from design to mold processing and are highly trusted by customers. We are committed to bringing satisfaction to our partners in terms of product quality, best service, competitive costs and on-time delivery.

If you need to make plastic molds, please contact us for a dedicated and thorough consultation.



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