Hanoi mould – 15 – year journey – Sustainability – Standard

Hanoi mould – 15 years – Sustainability – Standard

Hanoi Mould Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 16, 2005. Up to now Hanoi Mould has 15 years of experience in manufacturing plastic injection mould and plastic injection moulding in Vietnam and is one of the industry leaders in quality. In recent years, Hanoi Mould has successfully exported to Europe and America markets. It is also a milestone marking maturity when becoming one of the first mould manufacturers in Vietnam to meet the rigorous standards of this market. Up to now, after years spare relentless effort to improve the production process, provide efficient and timely services. We appreciate and thank our customers for their expectations. That is the motivation and opportunity for Hanoi Mould to develop capabilities.


15-year journey, the journey of building a sustainable business.

Through 15 years of development, Hanoi Mould has built a strong mould factory, a team of highly qualified mould technicians, modern processing equipment, professional mould management and production processes, continuously improving and developing to reach a high technical level. Hanoi Mould became the benchmark of the mould industry in quality, cost, delivery, and service. In the journey of 15 years, the biggest success that Hanoi Mould achieved is the trust of customers. It is also a key factor in the strength of the business. Up to now, we have built up a network of customers both in Vietnam and in the world, as the leading enterprise to export high-quality products to European markets.

Standard on all aspects

Throughout 15 years, along with sustainable development is the spirit of building businesses with standards. Hanoi Mould understands the expectations and difficulties of customers. We develop a standard enterprise from product quality, customer service and working style of staff. The Hanoi Mould brand is associated with “standards”.

Looking back on the past journey, the product has been increasingly improved towards high accuracy as a result of our relentless efforts to improve product quality, invest in modern machinery and technology and submit to human resource level.

In parallel with that, we take customer satisfaction as a guideline to develop, striving to become an indispensable partner in the mould market.

Building factories according to 5S standards (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) to ensure working conditions for all employees, raising the sense of discipline in the workplace. Building a highly disciplined working environment but not missing to be open and creative.

15 years – A way for development

Looking back on the journey of 15 years, Hanoi Mould would like to express insightly thanks to all customers for their trust and companionship in the past. We also thank the customers who are paying special attention to the Hanoi Mould brand. And a sincere thanks to all of the businessmen who are doing business in the field of moulds for building and enhancing the brand of the mould manufacturing industry of Vietnam, creating a prerequisite step to reach out to the world.


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