In recent years, household plastic production has been evaluated and is a fertile ground for Vietnamese enterprises. Domestic enterprises have gradually conquered domestic consumers. The domestic plastic household market share is being appreciated. Grasping that advantage, the promotion of household plastic production is inevitable. Potential development trend of the plastic industry.

Demand of household plastic production in Vietnam

According to experts, the consumer demand for household plastic products is increasing. This has pushed Vietnam’s plastic market to become more vibrant. Consumers have been witnessing recently about the “makeover” of the Vietnamese plastic market. Design, aesthetics and quality are all assessed to be not inferior to international brands.

Demand of household plastic production in Vietnam
Demand of household plastic production in Vietnam

Previously, household plastic products of Chinese origin flooded the Vietnamese market, but in recent years, they have been gradually replaced. The information about Chinese plastic products that are unsafe for users has been a big “bump” to reduce the consumption of Chinese goods. This has created great opportunities for domestic products to develop. Most consumers tend to choose to buy from reputable manufacturers. People are more and more concerned about the health of themselves and their families. Household plastic products are becoming more and more perfect in terms of design and durability; promote promotion, products “Made in Vietnam” meet the tastes of consumers.

Where to produce household plastic?

Today, the production of household plastic is no longer a difficult problem for businesses. Household plastics are mass-produced with a very large number of extruded products. Household plastic enterprises now often use moulds to extrude plastic products. This will ensure the quality and uniformity of the product. Thanks to mould, the number of products produced in one day is very large.

Hanoi Mould – quality mould processing and plastic injection company

Hanoi Mould is a company that manufactures quality plastic moulds and injections according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. We guarantee to fulfill orders for processing plastic moulds and household plastic injections as required. With high quality, competitive prices.

Gia công xung điện EDM
Hanoi Mould – quality mould processing and plastic injection company

Hanoi Mould produces various household plastic products from simple to complex with many details. We make injection moulds and perform plastic injection processing for a large number of plastic products to ensure safety standards according to state regulations as well as technical standards for products. With a high-quality CNC machine system, Hanoi Mould makes precision plastic injection moulds. Large capacity plastic injection machine system for the ability to squeeze plastic productivity, reduce costs. We accept mould processing and produce a variety of household plastics. Hanoi Mould supports customers to choose materials, optimize the design and production process of plastic injection in a professional manner.

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