Principle and Manufacturing Applications of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) (Part 2)

In the previous section, we discussed what Electrical Discharge Machining is. How does an EDM machine work? What are the types of EDM machines? Today, in Part 2, we will explore the benefits and applications of EDM machines. Join us in discovering them in this article!

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Advantages of Electrical Discharge Machining

There are several notable advantages of EDM, including:

1. Ability to work on any conductive material

When you think of EDM machining, the first thing that comes to mind is its ability to work on a wide range of materials. As long as your material is conductive, EDM is a suitable process. This makes it capable of machining intricate details that traditional machining methods cannot achieve.

2. No involvement of mechanical force

Another significant benefit of electrical discharge machining is that no mechanical force is exerted on the workpiece. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about creating fragile edges. This becomes easier because there is no need for high cutting forces before removing the material.

3. Ability to create various shapes and depths

With EDM, you can achieve shapes and depths that seem impossible with other cutting tools. It is an efficient method for deep machining with long tool lengths and high diameter ratios. You can easily cut sharp internal corners, narrow gaps, and deep grooves with an Electrical Discharge Machining machine.

4. Better surface finish

Manufacturers also believe that when using Electrical Discharge Machining, the surface finish is often superior to traditional methods. This may be true because electrical discharge machining produces surfaces with high accuracy and excellent finishing.

5. Can be used on hard materials

Other conventional machining processes require pre-hardening of the workpiece. In contrast, EDM works perfectly on hard materials, allowing you to avoid any potential deformation from heat treatment processes easily.

Applications of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

EDM is particularly renowned in small-scale manufacturing. Some processes that can utilize electrical discharge machining include milling, turning, small hole drilling, and more. This unique process is also valuable in a range of industries, from automotive to aerospace. We can see EDM supporting the following applications:

1. Injection Molding

Achieving the proper size, depth, and shape of molds often relies on EDM. This is the primary process used by mold manufacturers. Wire EDM machines are commonly employed in this case.

EDM machines support injection molding
EDM machines support injection molding

Due to the requirement for intricate and complex molds in injection molding, it is often the preferred and most effective method to use. Furthermore, it typically achieves high accuracy and good surface finish with EDM.

2. Small Hole Drilling

Electrical discharge machining is a fast and unique method for creating precise deep small holes. It can drill on materials of any hardness.

EDM hole punching machine
EDM hole-punching machine

The drilling process involves using a copper electrode tube to conduct electrical current onto the material. This helps create holes of various small sizes. Interestingly, it can drill holes on inclined surfaces and challenging positions.

3. Mold Making

EDM is also highly suitable for mold fabrication applications. Mold production demands high precision. These molds have sharp internal angles, deep grooves, and other complex features.

Die Casting
Die Casting

Furthermore, molds are often made from very hard steel alloys. These alloys are typically more challenging to machine with traditional methods. Hard steel alloys may require pre-finishing before heat treatment, which can reduce the accuracy of the components. Therefore, utilizing Electrical Discharge Machining machining is more appropriate.

Electrical discharge machining continues to be an excellent solution for high-demand machining applications. It enables the shaping of materials that are difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional methods. This process contributes to the creation of high-quality components.

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