Why should precise molds be used in plastic production?

The use of precise molds in plastic (injection molding) production is of immense significance and importance in manufacturing. Not only domestically, but it is also considered the most widely applied production technology worldwide. Let’s explore their advantages in the following article!

  1. Fast production

With precise molds, you can manufacture products with small, medium, and large details. Molds help shorten the production process, contributing to increased output, enhanced productivity, and improved product quality. When a set of accurate molds is precisely crafted and quality assured, adjusting the settings for the molding parameters becomes easier, and the operational indices will proceed as desired by the manufacturing unit.

 Using precise molds helps to quickly produce products
Using precise molds helps to quickly produce products
  1. High precision

Plastic injection technology is considered a high-precision production process. Molds meet this requirement with their high accuracy and uniformity. The resulting products achieve extremely high precision, typically within 0.001 inch (0.02mm). The use of accurate molds in plastic injection molding is increasingly prevalent in industries such as automotive, household appliances, medical, and more.

Molds of all types have exceptional durability and can operate for many years with millions of molding cycles without deformation. The products from the final cycle and the initial cycle have consistent and uniform quality, with minimal differences.

Using injection molds allows you to easily create products with complex structures while ensuring maximum uniformity.

  1. Cost reduction through the use of accurate molds

Accurate molds are becoming increasingly popular due to the significant benefits they bring to businesses, including cost reduction in production. Molds are a form of automation primarily driven by machine systems, enabling companies to reduce labor costs. With this technology, only one worker is needed to perform product inspection and packaging for two plastic injection machines simultaneously.


Using precise molds helps minimize production costs
Using precise molds helps minimize production costs

Additionally, the high automation of accurate molds results in products with stable quality, minimized defects, and high output rates.

  1. Flexible production

As we know, each product has different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. For each such product, a corresponding set of molds is required. The plastic injection machine is a fixed production machine, while the injection mold is a portable tool that can be flexibly changed according to the plastic production project.

Using accurate molds in production helps businesses deliver consistent, cost-effective products while ensuring quality. This brings economic value and serves as a foundation for the company’s development.

  1. Minimization of plastic waste

Using molds in plastic product manufacturing significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste released into the environment. Excess plastic materials after each cycle can be recycled to create new products that meet the required specifications and characteristics. The mold manufacturing process involves meticulous calculation of all factors, including the amount of excess plastic after each molding cycle.

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