Plastic products are being used more and more thanks to their convenience. Plastic injection mold is an extremely important tool in the plastic injection process. So what is a plastic injection mold? How to make plastic injection mold? Don’t miss the information right below.

What is plastic injection mold?

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What is plastic injection mold?

Plastic injection mold is a tool used to shape plastic products, used to shape a type of plastic product. It is designed to be used for a required number of cycles. Or you can define a plastic injection mold consisting of many parts assembled together; where the plastic is injected into the mold and then cooled, then ejected into the product.

Plastic injection mold is an important component in the plastic production line. It is responsible for shaping plastic products with the right design as required. The size and construction of the mold depends on the size and characteristics of the product. Depending on the number of products to be produced, we choose the appropriate mold type. If you only produce a small number of products, choose a 2-plate mold, instead of using a multi-cavity mold or other advanced textures.

Plastic injection mold construction

Plastic injection mold structure is divided into 2 main parts, which are:

Fixed part : The part that is always fixed during injection molding. This part is fixed to the wall of the plastic injection molding machine and connected to the plastic injection system of the machine to carry out the injection of the molten plastic material into the mold cavity through the nozzle system and the channel.

Movable part: Has the function of closing the mold to press the product and opening the mold to take the product. The movable part is attached to the wall of the injection molding machine with a molding system that pushes the product out through the push pin system designed in the mold.

Main components in plastic injection mold

Main components in plastic injection mold
Main components in plastic injection mold

There are many types of plastic injection molds, but each mold consists of the following main components:

Upper clamping plate: This unit is used to clamp the upper die plate and upper clamping plate into one block.

Upper mold plate: It is an important component of the mold. It is the outer cover of the product. It determines the accuracy of the mold, thereby accurately shaping the product. It can be said that the surface quality of the product will depend entirely on the processing of this mold plate.

Dowel pin: position the suitable position between the fixed and movable part of the mold. The locator includes the locating pin and the locating silver.

Support plate: Anchor keeps the mold piece from falling out

Bar: Used to make a divider between the support plate and the clamp plate, helping the trolley work.

Lower clamp plate: Used to clamp the entire lower mold assembly to form a block and clamp this block to the dynamic table of the plastic injection machine.

Push pin: When the mold is open, the push pin pushes the product out of the mold

Push clamp plate: Hold push pin, return pin, stem pull pin chốt

Push Plate: Block the mounting pins on the ejector clamp plate to prevent the pins from dropping when ejecting the product.

The push plate and the push clamp plate are fastened into one block and are called the push rod. The pusher is located between the lower die and the lower clamp plate.

Return latch: When the mold closes, the return latch helps the push rod to return

Pillar: Guides the movement and supports the ejector plate, preventing the mold plate from being bent due to high pushing pressure, increasing the life of the mold.

Bottom mold plate: the contour determines the internal shape of the product. The lower mold and the upper die combine to create the complete shape of the part. The upper die is the stationary part, the lower die is the movable part.

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