HA NOI MOULD TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2005 with 18 years of experience in the field of plastic moulds and plastic product manufacturing in Vietnam. As one of the leading companies in the supporting industry, Hanoi Mould Technology has successfully exported to major markets in Europe and the United States. This milestone marks its growth as one of the first mould manufacturers in Vietnam to meet strict market standards. Until now, the company has continuously strived to improve its production processes, provide efficient and timely services.

Our company can handle all stages of manufacturing for civilian and industrial plastic products. From product design, plastic injection mold design, mold machining, plastic injection mold production, plastic molding, to high-precision mold production and plastic molding for civilian and industrial plastic products such as automotive components and motorcycle parts.


Hanoi Mould Technology has continuously invested in modern machinery and equipment for mould production. With a highly skilled technical workforce, advanced and synchronized processing equipment, professional production management processes, continuous improvement, and development, the company has established its position in the mould industry in terms of quality, cost, delivery time, and service. This is a key factor for the company’s strength with a global customer network, accompanied by professionalism.

The company’s mould products are increasingly chosen by many partners, including developed countries leading in the mould manufacturing industry. In addition to investing in modern machinery and equipment, the company also focuses on the production environment for its workers. This includes building workshops according to 5S and ISO9001 standards, ensuring working conditions for all employees, and improving discipline in the workplace. The company strives to create a highly disciplined working environment while maintaining an open and innovative atmosphere.

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Quality mould manufacturing process at HA NOI MOULD TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED

As we know, moulds are tools used to shape products. When using moulds, the produced products have high uniformity, great efficiency, and maximum labor savings. The quality of mould manufacturing has a significant impact on the final products. If the accuracy of the mould aligns with the requirements and the ability to produce the products, it will greatly benefit the production process.

Understanding the importance of moulds in production, HA NOI MOULD TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED has a strict and high-quality mould manufacturing process as follows:

Step 1: Based on customer requirements regarding material, size, shape, and purpose of use, a suitable mould design is created.

Step 2: Create a 3D simulation mould design to check the suitability and optimize the product.

Step 3: Proceed with the fabrication of the mould according to the technical drawings.

Step 4: Polish and electroplate the mould as per customer requirements.

Step 5: Assemble and complete the product accurately according to the mould to achieve the best results.

HA NOI MOULD TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED is committed to delivering mould products of high quality that meet high standards, ensuring aesthetics and precision according to customer requirements. The production process is carried out by professional engineers, resulting in clear, detailed, and optimized designs that facilitate easy and cost-effective production. By applying modern CNC technology, the mould manufacturing process is executed with the same quality as the sample product and design drawings, meeting the requirements to produce good product shapes.

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