What is mould? Mould manufacturing with new technology.

What is mould? Mould manufacturing with new technology.

Mould, a metal instrument/equipment, has been used for shaping raw material by fixation methods. Normally, a mould is manufactured and used in certain moulding processes in one time or many times. Mould structure and size depend on shape, size, quality, and quantity of plastic parts. Mould means making follow existing patterns, the mould manufacturing process means producing the mould as customer’s requirement. From the shape and size, as requested, products (plastic parts) have been made like the sample while features have been kept, no loss effectiveness of products. 

Mould manufacturing

The mould manufacturing process

Like other products of engine file, the mould manufacturing process includes 5 main stages: design, produce, thermal treatment, đo kiểm, and assembly.  

There, each company can play in a stage or a lot of stages, or all stages of the process until eventual products.

Considering a process that begins with receiving an order, analysis, manufacturing, shipping, repair service, until eventually taking the place of mould parts, Vietnamese mould companies participate in all of these. Some of the huge companies operate on a closed process, from designing to assembly, especially using the mould products to directly produce and trade plastic parts. 

Moulds are products of a separate production model, so that economic advantages are less affected by scale of production. This is an opportunity, Vietnam can compete with large suppliers in the world, especially China. High growth rates in both Vietnam market and the global market, with significant market capacity. Compared with the average of global market, the science and technology level in Vietnam is not a big gap, and is able to develop equally.

Popular kind of molds

Mould manufacturing

The mold is used in manufacturing plastic parts:

  • Injection mould
  • Blowing mould
  • Extrution mould
  • Stack mould

Plastic injection mould is the most popular. 

Plastic injection mould is used to produce many types of plastic parts, using methods injection moulding.

Injection products are utilized diversity in manufacturing automation, auto parts, aircraft, wooden furniture, constructive equipment, agricultural machinery, household products, electronic products, and other products.

Apply technology in manufacturing mould.

The mould industry is developing with a trend of investment and technological innovation. With salient features such as producing plastic parts with large scale, short production time, and stability, Mould is a tool that’s significantly necessary in many manufacturing industries, such as household articles, automotive, aviation & aerospace.

Beside, most of technology utilized in manufacturing mold is mechanical technologies and have typical properties.

Manufacturing mould with new technology.

Hanoi Mould-Mould manufacturing

Applying new technology in manufacturing plastic injection mould is very important to play in the development of the mould industry. CAD is one of the many tools used by engineers and designers and is used in many ways. Approximately all the manufacturers use CAD software to design their own products and the manufacturing process would be performed by CAM, with utilizing the CNC machines. 

1.Application CAD tool in manufacturing plastic mold

CAD is a popular software. CAD software helps engineers and designers in many industries for designing and manufacturing products. They can create 2D/3D drawings that look like real products.

2.Application CAM tool in manufacturing plastic mold

Like CAD software, CAM is a mechanical software. However, you can say that CAM is a total operating system of equipment and machines through computers.

CAM software receive and analysis data, calculate figures from CAD drawing and control CNC machine.

3.CNC technology for mold making 

CNC is type high-tech machinery, modern, and have almost absolute precision. CNC machines include: cutting machine, lathes, milling machine, laser punching… new industrial machines (máy cắt, máy tiện, máy phay, đột laser…những chiếc máy công nghiệp đời mới (máy cắt, máy tiện, máy phay, đột laser…những chiếc máy công nghiệp đời mới). 

4.Laser engraving technology

Laser engraving technology has been bringing many benefits. 


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