Celebrities act as Vietnamese goods ambassadors

Clawing sleeve May 10 by artist Quyen Linh, the owner of an inn in a hamlet of Tra Vinh district asked if she could be a Vietnamese ambassador for the business. The famous MC laughed: “It’s free, sister!”.

Listening to the artist Quyen Linh’s return to Tra Vinh along with the rural sales of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City, hundreds of locals flocked to the evening performance to witness the host “Beyond yourself.” “It has only been seen on television for a long time.

The clothes of May 10 company, An Phuoc and Quyen Linh pants came on stage in the loud applause of the people of Tra Vinh: "Using Vietnamese goods is creating jobs for Vietnamese people so I support", then sing "The marriage proposal".
Infatuated with the artist, the couple of the hostess in Tra Vinh gave up their bedroom to Quyen Linh, with a curious question about the Vietnamese ambassador's salary and "If you use all Vietnamese goods I use my husband and I to use the same ". Quyen Linh answered: "I also use Vietnamese goods, don't buy them for my wife and children."

Những đại sứ hàng Việt:

– Nghệ sĩ Quyền Linh
– Nhà ngoại giao Tôn Nữ Thị Ninh
– Nghệ sĩ ưu tú Kim Xuân
– Tiến sĩ tâm lý Đinh Phương Duy
– Đạo diễn Đoàn Khoa
– Họa sĩ Sĩ Hoàng
– Nghệ sĩ Thanh Thủy
– Nhà văn Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
– Nhạc sĩ Vy Nhật Tảo
– Nghệ sĩ Lê Tứ
– Nghệ sĩ Hà Như
– Nghệ sĩ Lê Văn Lộc
– Nghệ sĩ ưu tú Ca Lê Hồng
– Nhạc sĩ Nguyễn Đức Trung
– Nhà thơ Phạm Sỹ Sáu

This artist voluntarily became an ambassador for Vietnamese goods since the end of 2008, recently (October 19) as Interim Chairman of the Vietnam Commodity Club of 15 celebrities in Vietnam. In the list of Vietnamese ambassadors, in addition to Linh, there are other artists’ faces such as the drama actor Thanh Loc, actress Kim Xuan, writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, poet Pham Sy Sau, and fashion designer Sy. Hoang, composer Vy Nhat Tao, diplomat Ton Nu Thi Ninh …

Vietnam Merchandise Club was established based on the initiative of the High Quality Vietnamese Business Club, Center for Business Research and Business Support (BSA).

Volunteer ambassadors are all prestigious people in society. The club operates on a non-profit basis, in order to promote Vietnamese brands as well as to encourage Vietnamese consumers to prioritize the use of Vietnamese goods.

Said Ms. Vu Kim Hanh, Director of BSA Center: “The brothers and sisters who are Vietnamese ambassadors are socially respected people. They voluntarily bear the burden of supporting and promoting the consumption of Vietnamese goods. “In fact, according to Ms. Hanh, it is the celebrities who have best propagandized Vietnamese goods with their own experiences. .

Each artist who comes to the role of ambassador of Vietnamese goods is very different, but they have a unique purpose: they want lots of Vietnamese customers. . For example, fashion designer Sy Hoang commented: “Many Vietnamese fashion brands today are of very good quality, cheaper than foreign goods.” Meritorious Artist Kim Xuan actively encourages consumers to use, while producers invest in high quality Vietnamese goods. On a trip to the Vietnamese ambassador, Kim Xuan put up her glasses and said, “I wish this frame would be manufactured in Vietnam. I will buy it now.

Talking to VnExpress.net , writer Nguyen Nhat Anh said that encouraging domestic goods is the policy of every state, including rich countries. Vietnam is a poor country with a low starting point. It is even more important to encourage people to use domestic goods to stimulate domestic production. “In that sense, Nhat Anh and other members accepted to be ambassadors of Vietnamese goods to make a small contribution to this policy,” said the writer.

He said that in order for “Vietnamese people to use Vietnamese goods”, this appeal should first start from the offices. Simply, state officials must set an example for the people. A small example: at present, most agencies use Heineken or Tiger beer at festivals and parties, instead of using Saigon beer or 333 of the inferior quality. The author of famous books for teenagers, emphasized: “If the state agency spends the budget but still likes foreign goods, there is no reason for people to use out-of-pocket money to support domestic goods”.

As a Vietnamese goods ambassador, he also suggested that businesses should not turn the slogan “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods” into a one-way shout. In order to mobilize Vietnamese people to use Vietnamese goods, local manufacturers must show their efforts to upgrade their products. The writer said that having Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods is an expression of patriotism, but unlike wartime, we cannot use patriotism to replace the quality and price of products. Vietnamese people are willing to use Vietnamese goods when the quality of Vietnamese goods is 8 to 10 compared to foreign goods. But if foreign goods 10 and Vietnamese goods 5, it is difficult to call consumers to accept disadvantage.

“With the ambassadors, from now on Vietnamese goods will no longer be alone to consumers. However, our ambassadors only support Vietnamese goods that are truly genuine and quality. Businesses must also know how to improve the quality of their products, “Quyen Linh shared.

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